5 ways you can empower your employees


mployees who are proactive and engaged are every manager’s ideal. Those who take the initiative, carry out the task without much direction, recognize opportunities, and approach you with suggestions about how to expand the company.

Although it could seem difficult to find these kinds of workers, what if we told you it might not be as difficult as you think? These workers may already be working for you. In actuality, management and the employer can be the problem rather than the workers.

As we previously stated, having empowered employees is every manager’s ideal, but are you fostering an environment that fosters empowerment or one that fosters rigid work procedures and a climate of mistrust?

The latter is true in many instances due to a variety of factors, including poor management training and a lack of time to concentrate on empowerment.

What then can employers do to give employees more power?

Define success and describe the vision

Have you defined your company’s vision and what success looks like? Many business owners keep these details close to their breast, only revealing them to a select few. However, this might lead to confusion among employees because everyone may have a somewhat different understanding of what they are attempting to accomplish.

When employees have opposing viewpoints, it creates discord and discourages people from taking initiative because it may not be the best thing for the company. So, if you want to empower your employees, you must fully convey your business goal and the success criteria you desire. This provides employees the confidence to take the initiative and go above and beyond.

Get them involved in business decisions

You become invested in the outcome when you have a voice in decisions. However, it’s reasonable to say that most corporate decisions are made from the top down, with little to no input from the workers who perform the majority of the grunt labour. If decisions are simply imposed onto people, it is understandable why they don’t feel empowered. So why not involve more individuals in the decision-making process?

There are, of course, some judgments that must be made “higher up.” There are plenty, though, that can accommodate everyone. Some examples of these decisions include the direction and design of the most recent marketing campaign, the nature of the workplace, and the location of the upcoming office social. Involving employees in such decisions gives them a sense of ownership, encourages new ideas, and motivates them to go above and beyond to make the decision a success.

Believe in and encourage independence

Do you have faith in your employees to carry out the tasks you assigned to them? You have a problem on your hands if not. Managers that lack trust will micromanage, watch over employees’ work, and keep tabs on their progress. An atmosphere like this discourages initiative and stifles employee empowerment by pressuring individuals to follow orders and accomplish the bare minimum. Not to mention detracting from management’s time for more crucial tasks.

Therefore, it’s critical to avoid micromanaging employees and to put your trust in them to execute the job you hired them to do. By doing this, employees will feel proud of their work, want to be proactive, and as a result

Reward And Recognize

Employees who aren’t appreciated, valued, or recognised consistently provide inconsistent results. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, lost productivity from disgruntled workers is estimated to cost an astounding $300 billion annually. That number alone should be motivation for companies to praise and recognise staff members who go above and beyond to complete assignments on time and to the best of their abilities.

Set realistic expectations for each employee and, when needed, express gratitude publicly. This will provide them the inspiration they need to be devoted to the business.

An empowered workforce builds an empowered business. They are highly motivated, thus they won’t think twice about going above and above for the business. Companies who are able to effectively use and empower their staff stand a stronger chance of success in today’s fierce competition.

Give employees some control

Business owners and managers lead hectic lives. It is undoubtedly not a good use of your time to chase after employee information. But why should you bear this responsibility? Do you not trust your staff to update their own records? Employees can now update and manage their own personal information using software like BrightHR, and they can also schedule unpaid time off without having to go through the archaic and cumbersome paper-based method. You can save time and effort by providing this kind of self-service to your personnel.

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